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How a "work hard, play hard" culture can help drive success


Maxim #18
Work hard, play hard

This maxim is a fairly common one, but sometimes easy to forget. It is intended to remind us that a "life balance" is important to everyone. Note that we try not to call this a "work-life" balance as is more common. "Work-life balance" almost by definition tends to define work in a derogatory fashion, which we think (and hope) doesn't have to be the case.

business cultureWorking hard is a good idea, but so is playing hard. We find our most successful individuals and project teams pursue out-of-work interests just as vigorously as they do project work. Some industries are very demanding physically, intellectually, or emotionally. Management consulting can sometimes be all of these. It is not uncommon for a project team to become totally immersed in the deliverables of the engagement and lose sight of the importance of having enjoyment both during and after the workday. How this need for enjoyment outside work is accomplished depends on the makeup of the members of the project team. Some projects do group activities, others divert to more individual interests. 

Many companies we work with do a good job of making sure their employees both work hard and play hard and other companies like Virgin and Southwest Airlines for example, quite cleverly manage to build this maxim into the actual job environment itself. 
Tell us how your company promotes a healthy life balance and what you do to work hard and play hard.