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What does "implementation" mean anyway?

Implementation Based Consulting

Lesson Learned #28

Twenty years ago, very few consulting firms wanted to implement their recommendations. This was seen as somehow "pedestrian." Since then, Y2K and various ERP system advances have pushed many IT-based consulting firms into actually implementing their IT systems. In addition, clients have become more demanding of actual measurable results.  These changes have made implementation a buzzword in the consulting industry. But what exactly does "implementation" mean?

Attack the red time first

Lesson 27 Red Time resized 600

Lesson Learned #27

Be careful of stope rats (when implementing change)

What to watch for when implementing change

Lesson Learned #26

The two founding partners of Carpedia first met while working on a project in a potash mine. Each morning at 7:00 a.m., they would travel underground about 3,000 feet, (roughly two times the height of the Empire State Building). Over a number of months they learned many interesting things about living underground. For example: although it was winter and icy cold on the surface, it was about 80F in the mine. This was caused by the frictional heat created by gradually shifting earth (a somewhat unsettling fact of life in these particular soft-rock potash mines).

Implementing change...Where it really happens

implementing change where it happens resized 600

Maxim # 7
You can't implement from the office


"You can't implement from the office" is one of our less creative maxims but it is also one of the more important ones as far as implementing change goes. It simply means you will never be effective at getting people to change their behaviors if you don't get out of the office and work directly with them. This is as important for us (Carpedia) as consultants as it is for leaders in any organization.

Implementing change...What not to overlook

Implementing Change resized 600

Maxim # 5
The Devil is in the details

This maxim is both a general guideline and a warning. The general guideline is to make sure you don't treat issues superficially, that you dig into the details to make sure you really understand the problem and that the solution makes sense. The reference to the "Devil" is the warning. Many otherwise brilliant solutions and strategies have been wrecked by details that surface in either the presentation of the solution or worse, during the implementation.

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